Counseling is a team effort. As the client, you are the expert on your life and history.  I work with you to understand what you want and need in order to help you overcome life’s roadblocks–large and small–that inhibit feelings of well-being, confidence and success. I provide a supportive environment where you can feel safe to discuss life’s issues without judgment.

What to Expect in Your Counseling Sessions

Each person’s situation is unique, and when you first call we will discuss what your needs are. The initial 15 minute phone consultation is free of charge.

From there we will set up an in-office appointment. Generally in the first session we get to know each other.  I gain an understanding of the areas that are troubling you and what you want from our sessions.  We will look at your strengths and begin to determine a plan that puts you on a path of overcoming your challenges.

Counseling may be a brief process of just a few sessions to deal with a specific short-term problem, or it may be longer to deal with more complicated or entrenched patterns of beliefs and behaviors that interfere with your life. Again, we will work together to formulate your plan.

Are you apprehensive about starting counseling?

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